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Hiking in Crete

Our love for mountain randonnées has taken us high and low (. . . or mainly high!). In October we were on a mission to Crete to photograph for Langley travel. The weather is still nice this early in the fall and the temperatures are ideal for tougher tours in the mountains or along the winding costs of Crete. We climbed Mt Giglios and Mt Volakis, at 2 000 m, high above the Samaria gorge. Beautiful coastal day tours along the south coast mixed with walks in more secluded gorges made another fantastic hiking week.

View over the Samaria gorge, coming down from Mt Giglios.
  • Stockholm Photo Marathon 2015

    For the second year I participated in the Stockholm Photo Marathon; 24 given photographic themes to be shot during 24 hours in one of the last bustling summer days in the city. This year was equally hard as last year, the organizers gave us themes like…

    Selfie 1979 vs 2015

    Two selfies, the first shot onboard the ice breaker HMS Njord, during my military service in 1979. The second is shot 2015 in my kitchen using the Christmas gift from my wife: A vintage Helios 44M (58 mm, f/2) manufactured, at the time of the first…